• We have adopted two wonderful girls from this orphanage. It would be great to have our story on this website.'
    Jennifer Cumming
  • Great pictures, you find all the information and one can really tell that your heart is into it.
    Regula Merz
  • Heartbreaking stories, sincere, but above all heartwarming.
    John Wouters
  • Volunteering was always a part of my life. This time it is different. It has become my life.
    MJM founder Danielle Musper
  • You touch the lives of children you actually get to know if you want to. Their door is always open.
    MJM founder Carla Geveke
  • I have found an unknown magical place where, against all odds, little miracles happen every day.
    MJM founder Erwin Musper
  • Music was the common passion I shared with them when I visited. It became an unbreakable bond.
    MJM founder Arjan van der Linde